ca294a620ae8043fa72a6034d66bab6bFORTIS K9 SERVICES is a professional, discrete, affordable solution to your narcotics odor search needs. We are certified to meet your drug free workplace compliance needs. Schools, Business, Industry and Residential searches provided with the utmost discretion.

As a private company not affiliated with law enforcement, FORTIS K9 SERVICES is able to provide decision space to your organization and family.


Keep students and teachers safe! Our services provide an immediate and visible (if desired) deterrent, while searching lockers, parking lots, classrooms and more!


Trucking, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Hospitality all have seen an increase in drug use on employers premises. Provide a compliant, drug free workplace.


Ensure compliance with your drug free work place. Due diligence for accidents. From small to large facilities, offices and more.


We perform searches in your home with discretion, utilizing unmarked vehicles and professional handlers. Our confidential service provides peace of mind, discretely and professionally.